Top SEO Best Practices For Accountants

What’s the first step you take every time you explore a new product or service? How do you find and compare the options that exist? The most immediate action would be an internet search. For your potential clients, the case is no different as well.

Whenever your prospect is exploring the options for an accountant, they will naturally turn to Google. This implies that your firm’s website ranking higher on search engine result pages is a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy.

But achieving this isn’t easy. It all boils down to some smart implementation of SEO best practices and here are some of the practices your accounting firm should leverage.

  1. Research Your Keywords

This should be the first thing to implement when considering an SEO strategy since keywords inform the search engines what searchers should look for. While it is crucial to have the appropriate keywords, it is also vital to use them properly.

First, you need to determine the right keywords for your practice. What will you offer people searching for your practice online? Your SEO must be highly specific, so your keywords should indicate what you do, including audit, taxes, bookkeeping, and accounts.

And based on your target market and niche, you should narrow doing to keywords that are more specific. However, you should be sure not to overdo your keywords because search engines will penalize you for that.

  1. Optimize Your Onsite Search Engine Optimization

You will obviously face a lot of competition from other accounting services, so you should ensure that your onsite SEO is perfect. Some of the practices you can implement include:

  • Create unique, optimized titles and descriptions for all your web pages.
  • Optimize all internal links for your specific keywords.
  • Ensuring that URLs have your target keyword where it is appropriate.
  1. Your Website Should Focus on Your Clients

Good SEO works wonders because it brings visitors to your website. However, getting them there is not sufficient – you need to hook them there, and this can only be achieved by creating a website that considers their needs.

Think about a potential customer who’s visiting your website for the first time. What are they looking for? You should have that information easily accessible to them. Besides, you need to make your secondary information easier to trace. All this can be achieved by a good search function, clear menus, and well thought-out menus.

  1. Include Your Contact Details

While this sounds quite obvious, the truth is that you should list your contact details so that people coming to your website can quickly get in touch with you. The same applies to the major search engines – be sure to have your address, email, and phone number displayed on your website. Search engines collect this information, so if you’re targeting businesses or people looking for accountants in your local area, you will quickly get their attention.

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