Website Re-design

Since your website is the only identity of your business on the web, maintaining it continuously becomes as important as maintaining your business. To keep attracting traffic to your site, it is important to be among the top results of any search engine, which requires continuous SEO maintenance. It is equally important to check for broken links, update information, and maintain several such other important aspects of your website.

When you give a task for maintenance of your website to Phoney Bible, we ensure that every such thing is taken care of. Among many other things, we ensure that the date on your website is secure and free from common virus. We keep checking for any inconsistency, broken links and fix them immediately. We provide regular performance analysis to our clients, which include statistics like the increase in some visitors, effective keywords, the page with maximum traffic, conversions, etc. We also keep changing the content t make it more search-friendly, if required.

Many businesses might consider this as an additional expense. However, handling and enhancing your identity under expert guidance is nothing less than an investment. The better your website, the more clients trust you. Phoney Bible has been in this business for many years, and we know how important a website is for the business, and we also know how to optimize its usefulness. Try our service to know it yourself. Contact us to maintain your website and become a professional business person.